I was reading these cool tips on the local newspaper and would love to promote it by publishing it on my blog 😉


1. Clean Burnt pots by filling with water, adding some bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and boiling for a few minutes. In fact, any kind of food acids (eg vinegar) will remove the stains. 




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I went for a warm bamboo body massage and I will recommend this treatment to one  and all…it’s a natural treatment done at an Ayurvedic spa. The masseurs used warm  bamboo, oils and bacterial wipes. The therapy was one hour long and I felt awesome  after it.Continue reading

It’s summer time here in SA and phewwwwwy it’s super HOT. I will be blogging about what’s the in and trendy and what’s essential.

Us young women love to dress up when going out to meet up with friends or if going on a date or just a family outing. We dress up according to the weather, the event or for our personal happiness. Clothes are not only the fun part of dressing up but the accessories that goes along with the outfit. I am not a Fashion Fundi but I am basing my blog on my observations.Continue reading