I was near the rail road tracks, everything is silent. Only a few guards walking around and some teenagers comparing their Ipods. Then suddenly a noise is heard from the distance. Is it like thunder or something else? I turned my head toward the direction of the noise and saw lights, and the noise gets louder. I heard a “chugga chugga” sound, and then a horn, “choooooo”. Then the trains rushed up near me, the rushing wind messing up my straightened hair and I heard the train wheels on the tracks “clink clink.” People rushing in and out of the train in mid of early peak hours. Heard some echoing announcements within the train. That is all I heard for a long time until the train moved away and the silence creped in again.          – My first Gautrain trip.

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Mohan and I work and breed in the plateau of South Africa. We needed a different landscape to refresh our souls and test how physically fit we were, thus went on a weekend getaway to Drakensburg. I have not seen the burgs (berge – mountains) since my fifth grade. It was a memorable but tiring trip. I was so drained at the end of the trip.

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(Photography credits: Mohan Kethees)

I booked a weekend getaway to Drakensburg. It is a five and a half hours drive from Johannesburg. I never really wanted to go to this place since my school trip as the thought of hiking makes me tired but I ended up loving every moment of it. Well, it was exhausting and I did get stiff from climbing those steep hills and valleys but this trip reformed me and made me a better human being. I realised something crucial and I want to put this in bold:

“NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE YOUR POTENTIALS” ~You never know what you are capable of until you try it and don’t let your fears or any other emotions stop you from doing something different and wild.

Ok enough of my pep talk …. 😛

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In June 2011, my hubby and I took a trip to Quebec. It was a six hour drive from Toronto. It was summer time, and it was fuming hot. It was a pleasurable drive. We enjoyed looking at mountains, forests and other sceneries. We even came across a pack of fox strayed. It was an adventure. We stayed in this mini – France Hotel as I call it, for four nights and five days. If you want to go on a history tour or French tour but can’t afford to go to France, then visit Quebec. I am thankful that I took French at school as a Continue reading


Out of all the places I have travelled to, India has been my favorite. I have lived there for a couple of years but I visit that place often as a tourist. Trying to explain the country to people that haven’t been is like explaining physics to a 5 year old or social skills to Sheldon Cooper. Just impossible.

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I’m writing this post for people who have no idea what am talking about after reading the title of my post. Most of the foreigners I’ve came across think that South Africa (SA) is a huge jungle where by, lion kiss us to good night sleep, the elephants park their trunk in our garages and the snakes slither themselves into our sock drawer. Nope you are wrong. I would say SA is more of a concrete jungle with more concrete highways than you can imagine than dust roads.Infact we have one of the longest highways in the world, Ben schoeman.

Our Big five and other animals make South Africa a wild place.

For those who have not been to the heart of Africa, please do so. You have been missing out on loads of natural scenery and wild life.

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Many have asked where I do my shopping, well this post has an answer.

I would like to compare this area to an area that I am comfy with. Downtown Toronto. It is one of those posh areas. When you are in this area, you wouldn’t think you are in Africa. It builds up a sophisticated atmosphere with walk-free paths. Those who have been there will understand my words on this page.

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Have you ever wondered how the meals are prepared on the flights that you have traveled?

I personally have traveled a lot and stepped my foot into all kinds of flights to helicopters. Today on discovery channel I watched this interesting video on how the foods on Air Emirates are prepared. Air Emirates is one flight that I travel on often, especially to go to India. I was eager to find that video to watch again.

I thought cooking for 4 or a nuclear family is quite a handful, just imagine cooking for millions of people, now that’s amazing. Anyways, kudos to those who are working in such vacinities.