You know that phrase “I was here” or “I have been here”, well now I can stamp it for the 3rd time, I marked my territory for a few hours. I have clearly left an African footprint behind. My husband and I visited times square during my holidays. They ALWAYS say to visit NYC during the night time to see the neon lights on the buildings, billboards and all over the show. Well, they have lights on even during the DAY time! What a crazy city! Every time I go there it’s always a long walk to freedom (we literally walked so much… within a few hours), but I loved it once again!

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Oh my gosh, I have not blogged in ages! So many things have happened ever since my last blog that I would like to share.

  • I had a cousin over from Germany.
  • I visited places that I visited ages ago within South Africa.
  • Learnt how to make cupcakes.
  • Learnt a bit of German (Deutsche)
  • And now I am in Canada.
  • Visited my family in New Jersey over the Easter weekend.
  • Was in Time Square, Central Park and NY library
  • Spent time with my nieces, I have three now.

I will share that cupcake receipe with you at a later stage.

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I was wanting to do this blog for sometime now.  Few weeks ago on a weekend my husband and I visited Sun City. We stayed at the Cabanas resort for two nights. It was one romantic and fun filled trip. Selected photos of the landscape for your view.

The artificial beach it is called valley of the waved with the overlook of the palace in the backdrop. Well you can also see the cumulonimbus clouds above.

A panoramic shot taken by Mohan (by the way its my hubby) on his Samsung Galaxy phone. It was green everywhere, just loved it!

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On the 2nd of Jan 2012 I visited Monte Casino. Well this place is like any other casino but this place has a mini mall that’s designed and built in a way that you feel you are in Europe. This mall was built in Tuscan style. Each part of the complex exerts a different atmosphere. The ceilings are made in a way that it feels like we are looking at the blue skies. People not only come here for gambling but to shop around and be entertained with other activities. I didn’t go into the gambling sections. Here are some photos I took before I went to watch movies. Most of the photos are dark because they were taken indoors. You will see people in my photos, I tried to avoid having many people in my photos. I apologize for the photo quality, these photos were taken on my LG phone camera.

Walkway to the food court

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On new year’s day, I visited a beautifully built Buddhist temple. This temple is situated at Bronkhostspruit. This was my first time visit to this temple. I loved the atmosphere. I felt like I was in mini China with the Buddhist monks. I have not visited China but after this trip I would add that to my wishlist. I don’t see much differences from a Hindu temple. We (Hindus) use almost the same mantras, which is in sanskrit, to the Buddhist chants. I would love to share some photos from my experience.

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